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Course twoard bright horizon. ] --- 29 --- ANALYSIS OF LIGHT, WIND, AND SEA CONDITIONS. 82. -RULE: When choice is possible, a submarine will attack from the direction toward the sun. , frequently, but only for a short time and but a few inches of it exposed) it can not be seen by any possible means when it is in water in which the sun is reflected directly toward the ship. Even the track of bubbles will probably not be seen until it is too late to avoid the torpedo. (b) In an attack toward the sun the glare dazzles a periscope operator, making it difficult to judge the course, speed, or distance of the ship.

32 --- Source: "ONI Publications, WWI" ZV file, Navy Department Library.

In twilight attacks a submarine will endeavor to attack on the side away from the bright background. MEANS TO AVOID SUBMARINE: At night the course should be toward the moon. At morning and evening twilight a ship should steer so that the light background covers the danger angle. When in cloudy weather, light conditions during the day approach to normal twilight conditions, the same remarks apply. 84. -RULE: In a strong breeze a submarine will attack from windward if possible. REASON: (a) The periscope moving with the wind and sea make very little commotion in the water.

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