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An introduction to tensor analysis by Leonard Lovering Barrett

By Leonard Lovering Barrett

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Metric Foliations and Curvature

Some time past 3 or 4 a long time, there was expanding attention that metric foliations play a key position in figuring out the constitution of Riemannian manifolds, rather people with confident or nonnegative sectional curvature. in reality, all identified such areas are created from just a consultant handful via metric fibrations or deformations thereof.

Proceedings of the international congress of mathematicians. Beijing 2002

The Fields Medal - arithmetic' similar of the Nobel Prize - is gifted throughout the foreign Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) to acknowledge remarkable mathematical success. while, the overseas Mathematical Union awards the Nevanlinna Prize for paintings within the box of theoretical computing device technological know-how.

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Das Ziel dieses Buches ist, im Umfang einer zweisemestrigen Vorlesung die wichtigsten Grundlagen der Riemannschen Geometrie mit allen notwendigen Zwischenresultaten bereitzustellen und die zentrale Beispielklasse der homogenen Räume ausführlich darzustellen. Homogene Räume sind Riemannsche Mannigfaltigkeiten, deren Isometriegruppe transitiv auf ihnen operiert.

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We have the following relation between total mean curvature and knot number p. 4 (Wintgen 1978). surface into E4. Let f:M Then we have a2dV > 4Trp . For the proof see Wintgen (1978). 96. 1. , the product surface of two plane circles of the same radius, into Em has total mean curvature >27r2. For arbitrary flat surfaces we have the following best possible result. 1 (Chen 1981). Let M be a closed flat surface. 1) a2dV > 2Tr2. if and only if M is imbedded in an affine 4-space of Em The equality holds as a Clifford torus.

8. A compact symmetric space M is an equal-antipodal-pair space if and only if M is either a rank one symmetric space or one of the following spaces G2, GI, and EN . Any isometric totally geodesic imbedding f: B ---M gives rise to a mapping P(f) : P(B) -}P(M) induced by the mapping carring (o,p,B+(p),B_(p)) into (f(o),f(p), M+(f(p)),M_(f(p))). 5 that f(B+(p))C M+(f(p)) totally geodesic submanifolds. 9. It is easy f(B_(p))C M (f(p)) The later one follows from (ii-c). this is an important fact, we express totally geodesic immersion.

Throughout this chapter, N is assumed to be a CR-submanifold of a Kaehler manifold M unless mentioned otherwise. 1. 3) AJEX = -AEJX. and This follows from the indentities, JVUZ + J h (U, Z) = -A JZU + DUfZ and = . For a CR-submanifold N, PR°1= {0}. 1, we obtain the following fundamental result for CR-submanifolds. 2. The totally real distribution r1 of a CR-submanifold of a Kaehler manifold is always integrable. This theorem was generalized to CR-submanifolds in a locally conformal almost Kaehler manifold by Blair and Chen (1979).

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