By T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke (auth.)

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Order: Family: CHIROPTERA PTEROPODIDAE Pteropus giganteus (Flying fox) 2n=38 < t I • • x y I • I. , •• " Jf II I x I j II • •• J A8 X '. •• Volume 7, Folio 304,1973 © 1973 by Springer-Verlag New York Inc. Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PTEROPODIDAE Rousettus leschenaulti (Dog-faced bat) 2n=36 Volume 7, Folio 305, 1973 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PTEROPODIDAE Rousettus leschenaulti (Dog-faced bat) 2n=36 AUTOSOMES: 32 Metacentrics, submetacentrics and subtelocentrics 2 Acrocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Subtelocentric Y Minute acrocentric One pair of autosomes possesses a deep secondary constriction.

Notes on the karyotypes of some prosimians, Lemur mongoz, Lemur~, Nycticebus coucang and Galago crassicaudatus. Japan J. Genet. 46:61, 1971. : Chromosome studies in some primates. Chromosomes Newsletter 13:4, 1972. Mammalian PRIMATES Vol. 5, Folio 244 5) Rum~ler, Y. : Etude cytog~n~tique de quelques hybrides intraspecifiques et intersP~cifiques de L~muriens. Ann. Sci. Univ. Besan~on ~ 1, 1969. PRIMATES Vol. : A case of abnormal chromosome number in a female Aotus trivirgatus (Humboldt, 1811) (Cebidae, Primates).

Tsuchiya, K. : Karyotypic differences of black rats, Rattus, rattus, collected in various localities of East and Southeast Asia and Oceania. Chromosoma 33:252, 1971. L. ) (Muridae). Cytologia 36:417, 1971. : Centric fusion in the Malayan house rat, Rattus rattus diardii (Rodentia, Muridae). Experientia 27:467, 1971. 24) Capanna, E. : On the chromosomic polymorphism of Rattus rattus L. A study on West-European populations. Experientia ~:583, 1971. S. : Supernumerary (B-) chromosomes in the Malayan house rat, Rattus rattus diardii (Rodentia, Muridae).

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