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5 4 (1938) 18. 78 G. Stetter and W. Jentschke, Z. Physik 36 (1935) 4 4 1 . 79 H . Moulin, A n n . Chim. et Phys. 21 (1910) 550. C. Wingate, W. Gross and G. Failla, Phys. Rev. 105 (1957) 929. 33 INTERACTION OF α-PARTICLES CH. I energy w to form an ion pair is nearly independent of the particle velocity. Moreover, it differs not more than by a factor of two for various gases. In Table 108 the 0 measured values for polonium α-rays are shown as found by Jesse and Sadauskis . 5 Fig. 33. 5 [ c] m V 0 T h e specific ionization o f m a n y α-particles from P o (Bragg curve: full line) and that o f a single α-particle (dashed line) in air at 15°C a n d 760 m m H g .

Their results are in excellent agreement with the expressions (2), (3) of Bethe for the energy dependence. To the minimum energy predicted by this equation there corresponds a minimum ionization density, which is reached at an energy of about 1 MeV. For a number of gases this minimum ionization is given in Table 6. The increase of the ionization that corresponds to the increase of the46energy loss 45 Corson and Brode in a cloud in the relativistic region has been observed at first by chamber. 5 MeV showed an increase of 5% in this region.

Allison and S. D . Warshaw, R e v . M o d . Phys. 2 5 (1953) 779. 6° W . Riezler and A . Rudloff", A n n . Phys. 6 (1955) 224. «• W . Riezler a n d H . Schepers, A n n . Phys. 8 (1961) 2 7 0 . G. KNOP AND W. PAUL 26 CH. I TABLE 7 61 number of electrons per a t o m . The mean excitation energy / of various gases. 7 3 8 1 Fig. 2 7 . The correction term C K due to the inefficiency of K-electrons. The parameter η- 63 is defined by (11a) while S is a function of Ζ only as s h o w n in the inset graph.

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