By Peter W. O’Hearn, Robert D. Tennent

To build a compiler for a contemporary higher-level programming languagel one must constitution the interpretation to a machine-like intermediate language in a fashion that displays the semantics of the language. little is expounded approximately such struc­ turing in compiler texts which are meant to hide a large choice of application­ ming languages. extra is expounded within the Iiterature on semantics-directed compiler building [1] yet right here too the perspective is particularly normal (though restricted to one languages with a finite variety of syntactic types). at the different handl there's a substantial physique of labor utilizing the continuation-passing transformation to constitution compilers for the explicit case of call-by-value languages akin to SCHEME and ML [21 3]. ln this paperl we'll describe a style of structuring the interpretation of ALGOL-like languages that's in response to the functor-category semantics devel­ oped by means of Reynolds [4] and Oles [51 6]. an alternate process utilizing type idea to constitution compilers is the early paintings of F. L. Morris [7]1 which anticipates our therapy of boolean expressionsl yet doesn't care for tactics. 2 forms and Syntax An ALGOL-like language is a typed lambda calculus with an strange repertoire of primitive kinds. all through such a lot of this paper we suppose that the primi­ tive forms are comm(and) int(eger)exp(ression) int(eger)acc(eptor) int(eger)var(iable) I and that the set eight of sorts is the least set containing those primitive varieties and closed lower than the binary operation -.

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Bn- intacc) .. ·) and BI-(· ..

Sv = S' describes the temporary variable used to store the value of e, which is placed on the stack immediately above the portion described byS'. • S" will be the current stack descriptor just before the assignment sv := r. It may belarger than S' since the stack at this point may include temporaries occurring in r. • S"' = sv + 1 will be the current stack descriptor just after the assignment sv := r. It is just large enough to include the temporary sv. Thus, the effect of the displacement increment [s;;'- s;;1 is to deallocate any temporaries occurring in r and allocate the temporary sv.

The first deficiency is that commands are interpreted in an undesirably operational way: command meanings are functions from an initial state to the (possibly infinite) sequence of all states encountered during execution of the command. This kind of interpretation is undesirable because it distinguishes between commands whose extemally-observable behaviour is identical. But it seemed to be necessary in order to interpret non-interference formulas: C # P asserts that the value of P is invariant throughout any (terminating) execution of command C.

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