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After Marx and Sraffa: Essays in Political Economy by Geoffrey M. Hodgson

By Geoffrey M. Hodgson

Fresh occasions in japanese Europe have underlined the constraints of Marxian monetary and political conception. during this choice of essays Hodgson topics Marxian monetary idea to serious exam and exhibits which components maintain their glossy relevance. After analysing the contribution of Sraffa, and indicating its severe strength and theoretical boundaries, Hodgson issues to a brand new synthesis embracing Marx, Keynes and Veblen.

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Akhter, “The Dronification of State Violence,” Critical Asian Studies 46(2 [2014]): 211–34. 898452. 12. Chamayou, A Theory of the Drone (New York and London: The New Press, 2015), 17, 34, 53, 101, 157. Shifts in American War Policy 13 13. Shaw and Akhter, “Dronification of State Violence,” 230. 14. The literature on IHL is voluminous, but in this section we rely mostly on P. Alston and E. , Human Rights, Intervention and the Use of Force; M. Byers, War Law; N. Melzer, Targeted Killing in International Law, and; H.

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