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Advanced Topics in Measurements by M. Haq

By M. Haq

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Stretching of the extrafusal muscle fiber affects the nuclear bag intrafusal muscle fiber and nuclear chain intrafusal muscle fiber, and stretch velocity and displacement, respectively, are detected. The detection sensitivities of the stretch velocity and displacement are regulated by efferent commands that are sent from phasic γ-motoneuron and tonic γ-motoneuron present in the spinal cord, respectively. The two kinds of detected information are consolidated into the afferent signal within the muscle spindle and transmitted to the spinal cord through Group Ia afferent fiber.

Precise Measurement System for Knee Joint Motion During the Pendulum Test Using Two Linear Accelerometers 27 For both equations (2) and (3), the first term on the right side is angular acceleration from the pendulum motion, and the second term is the sensing direction component of the accelerometer, influenced by the gravity acceleration. L2 A accelerometer 2 L1 θ accelerometer 2 (acceleration α2) accelerometer 1 accelerometer 1 (acceleration α1) (a) θ bar (b) Fig. 6. Rotary motion detection by two linear accelerometers.

Therefore, one would predict that the decrease in accuracy due to these factors cannot be ignored. However, we have found no method that can directly and precisely evaluate the decrease in accuracy resulting from these factors. In this study, therefore, the following indirect method was used to evaluate the decrease in accuracy when measuring subjects. 3 were arranged as shown in Fig. 13. The chair and subject seen on the plane of the paper are located just in front of the evaluation system. The height of the evaluation system from the floor and the left-right positions seen on the plane of the paper were adjusted so that the rotation axis of the evaluation system and the rotation axis of the knee were on about the same line.

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