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Adrenergic Neurons: Their Organization, Function and by Geoffrey Burnstock Ph.D., D.Sc., F.A.A., Marcello Costa

By Geoffrey Burnstock Ph.D., D.Sc., F.A.A., Marcello Costa (auth.)

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The deaminated products of NA are therefore a-methylated in the cytoplasm or diffuse passively from the neuron, and then are a-methylated largely in the liver before being excreted (Enero, Langer, Rothlin & Stefano, 1972; Langer, Stefano & Enero, 1972). Figure 12, taken from Langer, Stefano & Enero, (1972), shows a schematic representation of the metabolic fate of neuronal NA. 4·3 Summary Noradrenaline is synthesized throughout the adrenergic neuron, but to the greatest extent in the terminals from tyrosine in a biosynthetic pathway which involves the enzymes tyrosine hydroxylase, dopa-decarboxylase and dopamine-~-hydroxylase.

However, a comparison of the composition of large and small granular vesicles in terminal varicosities has recently been reported (see Bisby & Fillenz, I97I; De Potter, Chubb & De Schaepdryver, I972; Bisby, Fillenz & Smith, I973). NA in isolated granules is associated with ATP and Ca2+ to form a complex. It has been claimed that the ratio NA: ATP in this complex is 4: I as in bovine chromaffin granules (Shore, I962; De Prada, Berneis & Pletscher, I97I). However, it has been suggested recently that, after taking into account mitochondrial contamination, the ratio is 7-I2: I (De Potter, Chubb & De Schaepdryver, I972), a ratio closer to the more recent figures for the adrenal medulla of rat and rabbit (O'Brien, Da Prada & Pletscher, I972).

3·3 Summary Most of the nerve cell bodies in sympathetic ganglia are adrenergic and contain typical noradrenaline. storage vesicles. Several types of neurons can be distinguished on the basis of size, distribution of their processes, their relationship with other neurons and fluorescence histochemistry, but no correlation between morphological types and function has been recognized. Non-terminal adrenergic axons extend to the effector organ where they branch and form a varicose terminal network which, together with the terminal varicose fibres of other neurons, form the 'ground plexus'.

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