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Adhesion 13 by Stanley E. Wentworth (auth.), K. W. Allen (eds.)

By Stanley E. Wentworth (auth.), K. W. Allen (eds.)

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3, ie a gradient of -1. slope is somewhat feeble. mol- 1 have been slightly overestimated. 2 Adhesion and Crosslinking Having established values of E, equation 3 was employed to evaluate the apparent work of adhesion eorresponding to both foreed adhesion (W 1 ) and touehing-on adhesion (W e ) at (observed) equilibrium. The values obtained for the SBR/glass system are given in Table 1 and those eorresponding to SBR/PMMA in Table 2. As previously stated, values eorresponding to very high and to very low Me must be taken with reserve, given the limitations of the Flory-Rehner theory.

8. Small, P. A. J. Appl. , 9. Jasper, J. J. J. Phys. , Ref. Data l, 71, 1953. ' 841, 1972. 10. , Vial, J. J. Chirn. , To be Pub1ished 1988. 11. , These de Doetorat d'Etat, Mai 1980. 11 21. 91 21. 83 21. m-2) at 20°C and'6'D/orat io. 99 see reference 11. m- 2 1 at 20°C and i '/~ ratio. m- 2 ) . 42 11. R. Shanahan,* P. Schreck, J. Schultz Centre de Recherches sur la Physico-Chimie des Surfaces Solides and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Mulhouse, 3, rue Alfred Werner, 68093 Nulhouse Cedex, FRANCE 1.

Rt is therefore eonceivable that the pre- equilibrium states provoke some creep of the polymer leading to exaggerated values of contact radius, a, and therefore adhesion, WI . Nevertheless, the reproducibility of the tests suggested that this is not the ease and we therefore conclude that the inerease of Wr with Me is not an artefact, but areal correlation. Despite the experimental error coneerning Wc ' the assumed independenee of M allows us to caleulate a me an value of touehing-on adhesion, W-, for c c 34 + 16mJm-2 and each system.

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