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Adam Smith - An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The by Fred R. Glahe

By Fred R. Glahe

An Inquiry into the character and reasons of the Wealth of countries is the magnum opus of the Scottish economist Adam Smith. it's a essentially written account of economics on the sunrise of the commercial Revolution, in addition to a rhetorical piece written for the widely expert person of the 18th century - advocating a loose marketplace economic system as extra efficient and better to society.The paintings is credited as a watershed in background and economics as a result of its accomplished, mostly actual characterization of financial mechanisms that continue to exist in smooth economics; and in addition for its powerful use of rhetorical approach, together with structuring the paintings to distinction actual international examples of loose and fettered markets.---Исследование о природе и причине богатства народов (англ. An Inquiry into the character and explanations of the Wealth of countries) — основная работа шотландского экономиста Адама Смита, опубликованная nine марта 1776 года во времена Шотландского просвещения.Книга оказала значительное влияние на экономическую теорию и в частности на политическую экономию.Ещё при жизни Адама Смита книга выдержала пять изданий в Англии (в 1776, 1778, 1784, 1786 и 1789), была издана во Франции (первый перевод в 1779 году) и в Германии. Огромное количество изданий было сделано после смерти Смита (1790 год).Трактат состоит из five книг:
Причины увеличения производительности труда и порядок, в соответствии с которым его продукт естественным образом распределяется между классами народа;
О природе капитала, его накоплении и применении;
О развитии благосостояния у разных народов;
О системах политической экономии;
О доходах монарха или государства.


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In this state of things, the whole produce of labour does not always belong to the labourer. He must in most cases share it with the owner of the stock which employs him. Neither is the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity which it ought commonly to purchase, command or exchange for. An additional quantity, it is evident, must be due for the profits of the stock which advanced the wages and furnished the materials of that labour.

This permission of exporting, he said, rendered the demand for silver bullion greater than the demand for silver coin. But the number of people who want silver coin for the common uses of buying and selling at home, is surely much greater than that of those who want silver bullion either for the use of exportation or for any other use. There subsists at present a like permission of exporting gold bullion, and a like prohibition of exporting gold coin; and yet the price of gold bullion has fallen below the mint price.

They are regulated altogether by the value of the stock employed, and are greater or smaller in proportion to the extent of this stock. Let us suppose, for example, that in some particular place, where the common annual profits of manufacturing stock are ten per cent. there are two different manufactures, in each of which twenty workmen are employed, at the rate of fifteen pounds a year each, or at the expense of three hundred a-year in each manufactory. Let us suppose, too, that the coarse materials annually wrought up in the one cost only seven hundred pounds, while the finer materials in the other cost seven thousand.

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