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Acts of the Apostles: Translated from the Greek on the Basis by Unknown Author

By Unknown Author

Commercial. the intense hold up, which has attended the problem of this revision, is quickly accounted for through the space of the reviser from where of booklet, and his occasional engagement in different tasks, which forced him to be absent from domestic, occasionally for lengthy classes. The paintings itself lias boon prosecuted with an extreme wish to make a devoted and perspicuous translation of the phrases of notion. Antiquated phrasing has been exchanged for the language of the current day. error within the universal English model were corrected, and obscurities got rid of. the simplest and acceptable phrases were sought, to offer expression to the that means of the unique, and each attempt has been hired to niako the standard reader accustomed to the brain of the Holy Spirit. the overall ideas, that have managed the revision, are expressed within the following rnlos and instructions:- "General principles for the course of Translators and Revisers hired via

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