By Frederic L. Lizzi, D. Jackson Coleman, Jack Driller (auth.), A. J. Berkhout, J. Ridder, L. F. van der Wal (eds.)

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Vitreous membranes (9)) not discussed in the preceding sections. Clinical experience in glaucoma and tumor treatments is encouraging and has led to refined systems and procedures that can be used on a broader scale. The emergence of new diagnostic ultrasound techniques promises to provide a more sensitive means for identifying subtle tissue changes that can help in monitoring treatments and refining protocols. REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. , "Cancer Therapy with Ultrasound: A Historical Review," J.

F. ). CRC Press, (in press). , Armour, E. P. , "Human Cancer Treatment with Ultrasound," IEEE Trans. on Sonics and UltrasoniCS, SU-31, 444-456, 1984. , "A Strategy for Localized Chemotherapy of Tumors Using Ultrasonic Hyperthermia," Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 5 :95, 1979. , "Studies of Thermal Injury," Archives of Pathology, 5:489-502, 1947. , Miller, M. , "Biological Effects of Ultrasound," J. Bio. Physics, 2: 173-192, 1974. , "Effects of Ultrasound on Excised Bovine Lenses," Graefe Arch.

II. SIGNAL LENGTH IN TIME AND SPACE Consider a time wavelet w(t). To quantify the length of w(t) we introduce a linearly weighted energy version in terms of the second-order moment: M2 = ~[lt-toIW(t)]2dt = f (t-to)2w2(t)dt, (1) where to represents a suitable reference wich will be determined later. Hence M2 quantifies how the wavelet energy is distributed around to. The further the energy of w(t) occurs away from to' the higher the weight It-tol and, therefore, the larger the contribution (fig.

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