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Abstract Set Theory (Notre Dame Mathematical Lectures 8) by Thoralf Skolem

By Thoralf Skolem

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By The steps of backward reasoning are illustrated in Fig. 10 and are as follows: 1. First of all, the inference engine checks the fact-base for Z and since it fails, it searches for rules that conclude Z. The first rule which can fire is because Z is in its consequence part. Two subgoals - F and B - must then be established in order to conclude Z. 2. F is not in the fact-base but the rules conclude F. and 3. From the higher priority of the first rule, the system decides that H and E must be established to conclude F.

5. SEMANTIC NETS Semantic nets are graphic tools for describing semantic relationships between knowledge items in a knowledge base. The properties and relationships of the knowledge objects and classes are described by a directed graph. The vertices of the graph correspond to the objects and their attributes or properties: the labelled edges depict the relationships between the vertices. Most of the relationships in a semantic net fall into pre-defined categories. The most common relationships are as follows.

The record will be accepted by the database manager if the relation holds. e. 1). Knowledge representation 15 The example above shows that the relations may call for an action which is performed automatically by the database manager if need arises. A set of relational records of the same structure forms a relational file. A relational database is then a set of relational files and the set of relations connecting them. From the viewpoint of knowledge representation a relational database exhibits the following properties.

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