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Aberration-corrected Analytical Electron Microscopy by Rik Brydson

By Rik Brydson

The ebook is anxious with the idea, history, and functional use of transmission electron microscopes with lens correctors which may right the results of round aberration. The publication additionally covers a comparability with aberration correction within the TEM and functions of analytical aberration corrected STEM in fabrics technological know-how and biology. This booklet is key for microscopists keen on nanoscale and fabrics microanalysis specifically these utilizing scanning transmission electron microscopy, and similar analytical suggestions equivalent to electron diffraction x-ray spectrometry (EDXS) and electron power loss spectroscopy (EELS).

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In a kinematical scattering regime each particle in the illuminating probe has only a small chance of being scattered, and the approximation can be made that the incoming probe loses negligible intensity. This is a reasonable approximation in many cases of X-ray and neutron scattering but is usually only a poor approximation for electrons passing through 8 ABERRATION-CORRECTED ANALYTICAL TEM a crystal owing to their large interaction with matter. In contrast, in the dynamical regime multiple scattering occurs, with multiple beams excited within the specimen which can then interfere.

A more complete treatment of all these features is given in Chapters 4 and 6. 5 ELECTRON SOURCES A range of electron sources or electron guns is available for use in electron microscopes. The choice depends largely on the beam current and energy spread that are required, together with the vacuum which can be maintained in the gun chamber. e. 8) where j is the current density and α is the semi-angle of the cone of electrons emerging from the surface of the gun. In all cases, electrons have to be extracted or emitted from a tip, which may be heated to encourage emission.

5). In this case the magnetic field is perpendicular to the electron beam and a strong Lorentz force is exerted. They can be used to correct or compensate for aberrations in the main rotationally symmetric electromagnetic lenses (see Chapter 4). 3) in which the magnitude of F, |F| = |B|e|v| sin θ. Where θ is the angle between B and v. Hence if a component of v is parallel to B, |F| = 0, but any perpendicular component will result in a force on the electron, which will describe a circular motion about B.

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