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You can now turn out your wisdom of physics with out expending loads of power. a hundred twenty five Physics initiatives for the Evil Genius is full of hands-on explorations into key components of this attention-grabbing box. better of all, those experiments may be played with out a formal lab, a wide price range, or years of technical event! utilizing easy-to-find elements and instruments, this homemade consultant bargains a large choice of physics experiments you could accomplish by yourself. subject matters lined comprise movement, gravity, strength, sound, gentle, warmth, electrical energy, and extra. all of the tasks during this distinctive consultant contains parameters, an in depth technique, anticipated effects, and a proof of why the test works. a hundred twenty five Physics tasks for the Evil Genius: beneficial properties step by step directions for one hundred twenty five demanding and enjoyable physics experiments, entire with important illustrations lets you customise every one scan on your reasons comprises info at the underlying ideas in the back of each one scan eliminates the disappointment factor--all required elements are indexed, in addition to resources one hundred twenty five Physics tasks for the Evil Genius will give you all the info you must exhibit: consistent pace round movement and centripetal strength Gravitational acceleration Newtons legislation of movement strength and momentum The wave homes of sound Refraction, mirrored image, and the rate of sunshine Thermal growth and absolute 0 Electrostatic strength, resistance, and magnetic levitation The earths magnetic box the dimensions of a photon, the cost of an electron, and the photoelectric influence And extra

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Figure 3-2 Faster car passes the slower car where and when lines cross. 6. Predict where the faster car you are working with will overtake the slower car. 7. Start the slower car and give it a head start. 8. Compare where and when the faster car will overtake the slower car with your predictions. Expected Results The faster car will overtake the slower car when the two lines in the graph cross. The distance the lines cross at is how far from the starting line the faster car catches the slower car.

Playing catch-up. The Idea One car is going faster than the other, but the slower car has a head start. We can predict where and when the faster car will overtake the slower car. All we have to do is graph the movement of each car and see where the lines cross. This experiment gives you a method to make that prediction. What You Need 2 toy cars with adjustable speeds stopwatch tape measure Method 1. Set the speed of each of the two cars, so one is faster than the other. ) 2. Determine the average velocity of each of the cars by measuring the distance it goes in a given amount of time.

Project 120 How is a hydrogen atom like the New Jersey Turnpike? Seeing the energy levels of the Bohr atom. Project 121 Photoelectric effect. Project 122 Millikan oil-drop experiment. Mystery marbles. Understanding how the experiment worked. Project 123 Ping-pong ball chain reaction. Project 124 The sodium doublet. Why do we think the electron has both up and down spins? Project 125 Building a cloud chamber. Why muons should not be here. Special relativity. Appendix A Appendix B Index Introduction Who This Book Is Written For This book has been written for anyone who is interested in, obsessed with, or simply mildly curious about exploring physics.

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